Patricia Exchange Draws Exit Scam Suspicions, Endangering Nigerian Crypto Industry


• Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange Patricia launched its native token, PTK, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.
• Suspicious factors surrounding the launch have raised skepticism among users and the industry as a whole.
• The exchange had previously been affected by a major security breach, resulting in the loss of assets and funds.

Nigerian Crypto Exchange Patricia Stirs Exit Scam Fears

The Nigerian cryptocurrency industry has slowly thrived, with millions of traders, exchanges, and enthusiasts establishing a foothold in the nation’s financial landscape. Leading the charge is cryptocurrency exchange Patricia which quickly solidified its position as a leader in the region with an array of trading and investment services. However, tensions are mounting due to the launch of its native token which drew concerns among its users and industry enthusiasts.

The PTK Token Launch

On August 18th 2023, Patricia announced the launch of PTK – a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar – as its official trading currency. All existing user assets held in Naira and BTC were converted to this new token without any transparent documentation or announcement prior to release, raising suspicion among users and local crypto community members alike.

Unsettling Events

In May 2023, it was revealed that Patricia had suffered from a major security breach resulting in substantial losses for users’ assets and funds. Although withdrawals were temporarily suspended in order to facilitate restructuring efforts aimed at recovering those losses, many users remain unable to access their funds with little explanation from Patricia regarding either incident.

Consequences for Nigerian & African Crypto Industry

These events have raised further questions about whether or not there may be more sinister motives behind these occurrences rather than simple negligence or incompetence on behalf of Patricia’s management team; particularly concerning how user assets were abruptly converted into their newly-launched PTK token with no prior warning or consent from those affected by it. If these suspicions are confirmed true then this could potentially have serious repercussions for Nigeria’s and Africa’s entire crypto industry going forward if consumer confidence is irrevocably damaged by such practices