LUNC Commonwealth Access Transfer Sparks Uproar Among Members

• Terra Classic community recently passed proposal #11653 to give L1JTF admin rights to the Commonwealth.
• Professor Edward Kim transfer his admin rights, but Bilbo Baggins refused to give away the admin rights he created for the community.
• Disputes between Bilbo and other members of Terra Classic community escalated on Twitter.

Commonwealth Admin Access Transfer

The Terra Classic community has recently passed proposal #11653, which gave L1JTF (Terra Luna’s Level 1 Joint Task Force team) control over the Commonwealth forum. This allowed Professor Edward Kim to transfer his administrator rights to L1JTF’s head Vinh Nguyen. However, this move did not bode well for Bilbo Baggins, who was voted out of the administration panel almost unanimously by the Terra community. Despite this, Baggins refused to give away the admin rights he created for the community and disputes between him and other members of Terra Classic ensued on Twitter.

Kim’s Admin Rights Transfer

Professor Edward Kim is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Drexel University and a highly reputable member of the Terra Luna Classic community. He fulfilled all requirements by transferring his administrator rights to L1JTF’s head Vinh Nguyen, however Bilbo Baggins took issue with this decision and refused to relinquish his rights as creator of the discussion forum.

Bilbo’s Flaming Argument

Baggins expressed his discontent with governance in an attempt “to steal the one that I have made for [the]community” in a tweet that declared “Do not try to use governance in an attempt to steal the one that I have made for [the]community” . He compared giving up control over his creation with someone trying take control of his twitter account: “So if I get a governance prop passed to take over your Twitter account, you have to give it to me right?” Other members disagreed with Mr Baggins‘ refusal citing that it was created primarily for their benefit rather than personal gain or ownership and implored him „Go right ahead and create a new one“ if he felt so strongly about it.

Uproar Caused By Proposal 11653

Proposition 11653 caused heated debates among members within Terra Luna’s classic crypto-currency platform as well as online arguments on social media platforms such as Twitter due its implications towards power dynamics within public forums like these . On one hand there was Mr Bilbo Baggin’s refusal due what he perceived as violation against holding onto something he had worked hard on creating , while others argued that such actions were necessary due refusing would only impede growth within its respective communities .


Despite disputes surrounding proposal 11653 being somewhat settled , opinions are still divided regarding how much power should be given within certain governing bodies . With more people becoming conscious about their presence within online platforms , it is important we foster respect amongst those who wish stand firm on their beliefs while still finding common ground with others whose views may differ from our own .