Linus Tech Tips Hacked: YouTube Slammed for Not Preventing Crypto Scam

• Linus Tech Tips, one of the most watched tech channels, was hacked by crypto scammers who broadcasted a counterfeit „Special Crypto Giveaway“ to its 15 million subscribers.
• The hackers promoted two videos featuring Elon Musk and AI-related keywords in an attempt to swindle money from viewers.
• Twitter users have criticized YouTube for not taking preventative measures to protect content creators from similar phishing attacks.

Crypto Scam Hits Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips, one of the most watched tech channels on YouTube, got hacked and exposed its 15 million subscribers to a scam involving cryptocurrency. The fake „Special Crypto Giveaway“ was broadcasted to thousands of people by the hackers. This led to public outrage about YouTube not taking sufficient cautionary measures against phishing attempts on their platform.

Elon Musk Featured in Counterfeit Videos

The fraudsters posted two videos as part of their scam attempt: one featured Elon Musk nodding his head to music during a free giveaway campaign, and the other advertised an AI coin that promised quick returns on investment. It took seven hours before Linus Sebastian regained control over his channel, but he handled the situation with humor – posting a ‘90s meme about what really happened afterwards.

Phishing Attacks Becoming More Common

Similar scams have been going on for months now, with high-profile YouTube accounts often targeted. Last year, the British Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts were stolen in order to promote a fake NFT collection. Despite media personalities bringing it up multiple times, YouTube hasn’t taken enough action against this problem yet.

Criticism Against YouTube Regarding Prevention Measures

YouTube has come under fire for not taking effective steps towards preventing similar scams from happening again in the future. As it stands today, no one knows how many people fell victim to this particular attack or how much money was lost due to it – making it all the more important for YouTube and other platforms like it to take precautionary measures against these types of malicious activities as soon as possible.


In conclusion, crypto scammers continue to target high-profile accounts such as those belonging to popular YouTubers like Linus Sebastian in order to swindle money out of unsuspecting viewers through counterfeit giveaways featuring famous people like Elon Musk or artificial intelligence technologies like OpenAI ChatGPT-4 . As such, platforms such as YouTube need take stronger preventative measures in order protect content creators from these type of malicious activities and uphold trust between them and their audiences