Bitcoin alkaa pysähtyä parabolisen nousun jälkeen

Bitcoin on seurannut parabolista nousevaa tukilinjaa.

Tekniset indikaattorit ovat alkaneet osoittaa heikkoutta.

Hinta on mahdollisesti kaupankäynti symmetrisen kolmion sisällä

Haluatko tietää enemmän? Liity Telegram- ryhmäämme ja saa kaupankäyntisignaaleja, ilmaisen kaupankäyntikurssin ja päivittäisen yhteydenpidon salauksen faneihin!

Luottamusprojekti on kansainvälinen uutisjärjestöjen yhteenliittymä, joka rakentaa avoimuuden standardeja.

Parabolisen korotuksen jälkeen BTC-hinta pysähtyi ja loi Spinning Top -kynttilänjalan 18. marraskuuta.

Hinta on alkanut näyttää heikkouden merkkejä, mutta erittelyä ei ole vielä vahvistettu.

Bitcoin seuraa parabolista tukea

Bitcoin-hinta on seurannut parabolista nousevaa tukilinjaa syyskuun alusta lähtien. Lehdistön aikaan BTC kävi kauppaa juuri tämän tukilinjan yläpuolella.

18. marraskuuta BTC seurasi edellistä nousevaa kynttilänjalkaansa Spinning Topilla, mikä on merkki päättämättömyydestä, varsinkin kun se tulee niin voimakkaan nousutrendin jälkeen.

Hinta on myös valmistumassa iltatähtikuviota (korostettu). Kuvio olisi täydellinen lähellä $ 16,700, avaushinta 17. marraskuuta (punainen viiva).

Tällainen lasku aiheuttaisi myös hajoamisen parabolisen tukilinjan suhteen.

Päivittäisen aikataulun tekniset indikaattorit ovat alkaneet osoittaa heikkoutta. RSI on synnyttänyt laskevan eron ja stokastinen oskillaattori on alkanut kaatua, mahdollisesti valmistautuessaan tekemään laskeva risti.

Vaikka MACD: tä on ylitetty, se ei ole vielä alkanut laskea.

Vaikka nämä ovat mahdollisia heikkouden merkkejä, ne eivät vielä vahvista laskusuuntausta. Jaottelu linjasta aiheuttaisi todennäköisesti laskevan ristin ja laskun sekä MACD: ssä että RSI: ssä, mikä vahvistaa kääntymisen.

Lyhyemmän aikavälin kaavio osoittaa, että hinta käy kauppaa symmetrisen kolmion sisällä ja on tällä hetkellä mallin tukilinjalla. Lisäksi se käy kauppaa 1750 dollarin tukialueella.

Jaottelu kolmiosta veisi hinnan todennäköisesti takaisin 16 770 dollariin, joka on viimeisimmän korotuksen 0,618 Fib-taso. Tämä vyöhyke on myös vaakasuora tukitaso ja kohde löydetty heijastamalla kolmion pituus hajoamispisteeseen.

Decentralised digital identity: IOTA Identity goes on sale as alpha version

The IOTA Foundation has released an alpha version of its upcoming decentralised identity solution „IOTA Identity“.

The IOTA Foundation has released a first alpha version of its planned solution for digital decentralised identities, according to an IOTA blog post on 12 November.

IOTA’s decentralised identity solution, called IOTA Identity, will allow services, software and devices on the Internet of Things (IoT) to interact in a standardised way with proof of identity.

Consideration of important DID standards
According to IOTA, IOTA Identity fully implements Bitcoin Revolution the standards for so-called „Decentralized Identifiers (DID)“ and „Verifiable Credentials“ proposed so far by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The code can be downloaded by interested developers from the code platform GitGub.

A detailed documentation, code examples and further features are still missing in the early release of IOTA Identity. But IOTA wants to improve this in the coming weeks.

Together with IOTA Identity, IOTA is also publishing the open source code of its Selv app, which was created during a hackathon of the Financial Times in spring. This is a demo application for managing health data in conjunction with a decentralised digital proof of identity.

In this digital health passport, which was developed in the context of the Corona pandemic, people can manage their personal health data such as Covid test results or vaccination certificates on their own.

Coordicide still in focus
In addition to projects such as IOTA Identity, IOTA continues to focus on its mammoth project „Coordicide“ to abolish the coordinator previously needed in the Tangle. By 2021, the IOTA Foundation wants to completely abolish the network coordinator. At the end of September, IOTA presented the future reputation system for nodes called Mana.

Italy: Airport employee abuses computer systems for ETH mining

An Italian airport employee used his employer’s computer systems to secretly mine cryptocurrencies.

An Italian airport employee is said to have misused the computer systems at his workplace to mine the cryptocurrency Ethereum ( ETH )

According to a report by the Italian news channel Rai News , the man who works at the airport in the Italian city of Lamezia Terme is said to have fed mining malware onto the airport’s computer systems, and several mining rigs are said to have run over the airport’s systems be what was only noticed by surveillance cameras.

The IT service provider Sacal Global Solutions is responsible for the computer systems of all airports in the Italian region of Calabria. Accordingly, the 41-year-old airport employee is said to have hooked up to Sacal’s systems in order to be able to install the relevant mining malware.

However, this process is said to have created a considerable security risk, as the media report says

“In cooperation with the airport administration, the investigators examined the IT network and found a veritable“ mining farm ”in two server rooms that was connected to the external internet via systems used to manage the airport. In addition, the airport’s power supply was used for this, ”as Rai News explains. And further:

“The investigation, coordinated by the Lamezia Terme Public Prosecutor’s Office, relied on technical procedures that made it possible to trace the IP addresses of the machines used in order to find out where the ‚Ethermine pool‘ (the one used for mining the cryptocurrency Ethereum was used) is located on the airport system. „

The use of mining malware is not uncommon. During the great crypto hype of early 2018, this type of malware is said to have plagued almost 55% of all companies around the world .

PayPal no longer serves domain registrar Epik because of „alternative currency“

The domain registrar Epik claims that this step is politically motivated and should take the platform away from the conservative voice.

According to an article on Mashable, PayPal no longer serves the domain registrar Epik because there is a risk that the company will do money laundering via its „alternative currency“ Masterbucks

In a series of open letters, however, Robert Davis, senior vice president of strategy and communications at Epik, suggested that with this move, conservative voices should be deprived of the platform.

Bitcoin Cycle offers domain services to right-wing extremist websites, including Gab and the Proud Boys. Threat e-mails were recently sent to democratic voters via the „Proud Boys“ domain. Iran is said to have been the mastermind .

The Masterbucks currency is the epic solution for the „lack of conventional liquidity“. According to the company, this is „one of the greatest structural challenges that the domain industry has to overcome today“.

Masterbucks can be used for transactions within the Epik network or converted into US dollars

An archived version of Epik’s Masterbucks website also advertises the currency’s tax benefits. However, this has since been removed.

An unnamed source, cited by Mashable, claimed that Epik failed to meet legal requirements for such a currency and is calling for tax evasion. PayPal reportedly notified Epik of the issues over a month ago and tried to find a solution before the account was supposed to be closed for good.

How Cointelegraph reported PayPal announced last week that in 2021 in the cryptocurrency market to want to enter. Users should be able to make payments in Bitcoin ( BTC ), Ethereum ( ETH ), Litecoin ( LTC ) and Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ).

Ethereum-DeFi: The Top 5 Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

Recently, more and more decentralized exchange (DEX) tokens have come onto the market. But what are currently the largest DEX tokens? The five largest decentralized exchange tokens are examined below.

In addition, the popularity of decentralized exchanges has increased dramatically in the last few months. Uniswap even overtook Coinbase in September, recording a trading volume of $ 15 billion

The main advantage of a Bitcoin Union is that it does not have a central intermediary. As a result, you no longer have to hand over your assets to a central exchange, but remain in control of your cryptocurrencies. In addition, various coins can be listed on a DEX without much effort. In addition, users have more privacy, less market manipulation, sometimes better liquidity and often an accessible user interface.

However, for some trading pairs, the decentralized exchanges need to improve the depth of liquidity, accelerate the speed of order execution, and lower the fees. Even if the trading volume on the decentralized exchange decreased in October, a clear trend of steady growth can be seen.

SushiSwap (SUSHI): Market capitalization $ 67 million

SushiSwap is a fork of the Uniswap protocol . The SUSHI token grants the holder control over the decentralized exchange protocol and pays part of the collected trading fees plus the SUSHI token to the liquidity providers.

In addition, for the governance of the protocol, SUSHI token holders can submit a SushiSwap improvement proposal (SIP), which the community can vote on with SUSHI tokens.

The aim of SushiSwap is to be a further development of Uniswap. But after Uniswap has distributed its UNI token , the two DEXs are even more similar than before.

The main difference is that some key parameters such as trading fees and the amount of payouts to liquidity providers are different. SushiSwap strives for a fairer distribution of profits and also wants to give smaller investors the opportunity to provide profitable liquidity.

Classic currencies soon to be outdated? This crazy financier predicts the Bitcoin standard

Bitcoin, THE reference? – Until recently in the history of mankind, almost all of the world’s currencies were backed by the millennial stability of gold. Since August 15, 1971, currencies have been wandering in a fluctuating uncertainty, the floating exchange rate regime. But perhaps a new monetary standard is about to be born from the ashes of the golden metal: Bitcoin (BTC).

A Bitcoin standard, after the famous Gold Standard?

Jeff Booth is the author of the book „Tomorrow’s Value: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future“ (published in January 2020). He is convinced that the massive monetary impressions of central banks will eventually kill fiduciary currencies, based on trust in the issuing states.

Crisis and magic money – helicopter drop

In a recent interview with Cambridge House International, Jeff Booth explains why he thinks Bitcoin could become the world’s reserve currency:

„Bitcoin is becoming a very good choice to protect one’s wealth because it cannot be confiscated (…). I think Bitcoin will continue to grow (…) if it continues to grow like this, I think that one day other currencies will be backed by Bitcoin (…). I think it is very likely that Bitcoin will become the new reserve currency of the world. »
Bitcoin, the ultimate cure for future hyperinflation?

With the state printing presses running at full speed – led by the U.S. Federal Reserve (FED), Jeff Booth details what he sees as the logical next step:

„All [monetary] printing will directly enrich asset prices and is stolen from the real economy…. What will follow is MMT (modern monetary theory), helicopter money (printed money distributed to individuals) and all the rest. Once the FED has lost all its credibility, it is the royal road open to inflation (…). »

Although he personally owns both gold and bitcoin to diversify and not put all his eggs in one basket, Jeff Booth still prefers the last of the safe havens:

„I’m much more optimistic about Bitcoin for a variety of reasons. I think it could be the new gold (…). Bitcoin works through the network effect (…) when currencies collapse and security becomes an issue, the mobility of gold becomes problematic, while the mobility of Bitcoin becomes an overriding advantage. »

To make matters worse, Jeff Booth explains that with the arrival of the Covid-19 since the publication of his book (in January), the situation has accelerated sharply. This brings the spectre of widespread hyperinflation for fiat currencies even closer.

Will Bitcoin eventually play a greater role in the global economy? Will gold be dethroned as the world’s currency reserve? It is still too early to say, but the unbridled monetary policies worry some commentators who are usually reluctant to engage in catastrophic diatribes.

Cardano feiert sein drittes Jubiläum

Cardano feiert sein drittes Jubiläum, da über 50% der ADA in Pfahlpools mit mehr als 1200 Pfählen delegiert sind

Die wachsende Cardano-Gemeinschaft hat den dritten Jahrestag des Cardano-Netzwerks gefeiert, fast drei Monate nach dem erfolgreichen Start des Shelley-Netzwerks als das am stärksten dezentralisierte Blockketten-Ökosystem.

Hoskinson teilte in seinem YouTube-Kanal mit, dass das Wachstum der Cardano-Gemeinschaft durch Shelleys Erfolg, Verbesserungen bei Daedalus, den Start von Catalyst (Voltaire-Ära) und bei Immediate Edge andere bevorstehende Phasen wie Goguen beschleunigt wurde.

„Die Gemeinschaft hat sich so dramatisch vergrößert, es ist unglaublich. Ich glaube, wir haben uns vervierfacht. Es gibt heute täglich siebenmal so viele Transaktionen wie am zweiten Jahrestag.“

Cardano verbrachte lange Zeit in seiner Entwicklungsphase, aber aus gutem Grund, nämlich um höchste Sicherheitsstandards, Skalierbarkeit mit Proof-of-Stake-Konsens und entwicklungspolitische Rechenschaftspflicht nach Charles Hoskinson zu bieten.

Das Projekt startete am 28. September 2017 in einer, wie Gründer Charles Hoskinson es nannte, schwierigen Mission, die die Welt dennoch überraschte.

„Ich erinnere mich, wie schwer es war, sie herauszuholen… und es war wirklich unglaublich.“

Cardanos Goguen-Ära wird das dezentralisierte Finanzwesen verändern

Nach dem Start von Shelley erklärte Cardano, dass kommende Phasen wie Goguen, das intelligente Verträge einführen wird, oder DApps weniger Zeit benötigen werden, um die vollständige Dezentralisierung zu beschleunigen.

„Shelley hat Gestalt angenommen, es gibt mehr als 1200 registrierte Beteiligungspools, mehr als ein Drittel des Netzwerks ist dezentralisiert, und in wenigen Monaten werden es 100% sein“.

Laut Charles ist Cardano auf dem besten Weg, nach dem Start von Catalyst in die Goguen-Phase einzutreten, die der Gemeinschaft einen Kanal eröffnete, über den sie Ideen einreichen und Mittel für die Entwicklung von DApps auf Cardano erhalten kann.

„Wir sind auf dem Weg nach Goguen, die Dinge kommen dort recht gut voran. Wir haben Liquidität an mehr als 30 Börsen und ein Handelsvolumen von einer halben bis einer Milliarde Dollar jeden Tag“.

Gegenwärtig können die Nutzer ADA an mehr als 30 Börsen handeln und in verschiedenen Pools delegieren, um Belohnungen zu verdienen, Liquidität bereitzustellen oder Zinsen zu verdienen, indem sie ADA auf anderen Plattformen hinterlegen, die den Token unterstützen.

Delegierte auf Shelley verdienen bereits Belohnungen für Einsätze, und weitere Pools sind in der Lage, mit jeder Epoche Blöcke zu produzieren. Daten von zeigen, dass 57204 Delegierte ADA im Wert von über 16 Milliarden Dollar in 1169 Einsatzpools eingesetzt haben.

Während des kurzen Krypto-Bull-Runs schnellte der Preis für ADA im Juli und August auf rund 0,11 Dollar hoch, doch sind die Preise seitdem auf 0,09 Dollar gefallen, wodurch ADA nach Marktkapitalisierung aus den Top Ten der Krypto-Währungen verdrängt wurde.

Hoskinson: Cardano ist größer und besser als Ethereum

Es gibt Hunderte von interessanten Ideen und Projekten, die laut Charles auf Cardano sein wollen, und Cardano wird eine bessere Lösung sowohl für die Transaktionsgebühren als auch für die Einschränkungen laut Immediate Edge der Skalierbarkeit von Ethereum bieten. Cardanos erster dezentralisierter Marktplatz Shopify ist in Entwicklung und wird ADA-Zahlungen in mehr als fünfhunderttausend Online-Shops ermöglichen.

Bis zum nächsten Jahr hat Charles Hoskinson versprochen, dass Cardano vollständig dezentralisiert sein wird und Tausende von wertvollen intelligenten Verträgen und einheimischen Assets beherbergen wird, was es zum besten Blockketten-Ökosystem macht, insbesondere im Vergleich sowohl zu Ethereum 1.0 als auch zu dem erwarteten Ethereum 2.0.

Predicción del precio de Bitcoin: Bitcoin se hunde por debajo de los $ 11k mientras la industria de la criptografía pierde $ 22 mil millones

A medida que el precio de Bitcoin bajó aproximadamente un 5 por ciento en las últimas 24 horas, tanto la industria de las criptomonedas como las acciones tradicionales y los mercados financieros cayeron hoy.

La reciente caída es el resultado de una nueva recesión provocada por el creciente número de pacientes con coronavirus

En general, la industria mundial de las criptomonedas perdió un total de $ 22 mil millones en capitalización de mercado, con más del 90 por ciento de las 100 principales cayendo drásticamente.

Los inversores y entusiastas de las criptomonedas estarán atentos al mercado, teniendo en cuenta la caída del mercado del 12 de marzo. Durante la caída del mercado impulsada por la pandemia en marzo, el precio de Bitcoin Evolution cayó durante dos días consecutivos, y el mercado de criptomonedas perdió más del 50 por ciento de su valor total.

En particular, tanto las finanzas, las acciones y las acciones de la vieja escuela se vieron afectadas de manera similar

Hoy, parece que se está formando una segunda ola análoga con el promedio industrial Dow Jones perdiendo alrededor de 800 puntos . La disminución significativa se debió al pánico creado por la rápida expansión de la pandemia COVID-19.

Aunque Bitcoin se recuperó, la última semana de septiembre se perfila de alguna manera como una desordenada similar a la semana inicial cuando el precio de Bitcoin experimentó su peor caída desde marzo.

Het gevoerde beleid heeft ervoor gezorgd dat Bitcoin de volgende Noah’s Ark is…

Uit de laatste notulen van het Fed-beleid blijkt dat de ultralage rentevoeten hier blijven. De Amerikaanse Federal Reserve heeft verklaard dat een rente van bijna 0 procent de norm zal zijn tot 2023. Ook zal de Fed haar 2 procent inflatiedoelstelling nastreven en tegelijkertijd inspanningen leveren om de werkgelegenheidskansen voor Amerikaanse burgers te verbeteren.

De prijs van Bitcoin reageerde niet onmiddellijk op de laatste beleidsbeslissing van de Fed. Als we rekening houden met het herstel van de Bitcoin vanaf de dieptepunten van maart en het rendement van de BTC tijdens de ultralage renteperiode, dan is het goed op weg om als de Ark van Noach te dienen wanneer de volgende financiële neergang toeslaat. BTC-handelaren zijn positief over het feit dat de enorme Amerikaanse schuldenlast en de langdurige werkloosheidstrend de economie alleen maar verder zullen verzwakken.

Het beleid van de Fed heeft weinig ruimte voor verbeelding

Jeff Boothhas, een bekende investeerder en ondernemer, heeft gezegd dat Crypto Cash een ‚must-have‘ is in de portefeuille. Hij zegt dat het overheidsbeleid en de centrale banken het schuldprobleem alleen maar zullen verergeren en tot een economische neergang zullen leiden.

Jeff tweeted dat het beleid van de Fed erop gericht is de schuldproblemen op te lossen door meer schulden aan te gaan. Vandaag de dag ligt de wereldwijde schuld rond de $250 biljoen en de Verenigde Staten staan aan het hoofd van het peloton met een enorme schuld van $16,7 biljoen. De coronaviruspandemie heeft de situatie alleen maar verder verslechterd. Jeff waarschuwt dat de afwikkeling niet mooi zal zijn en dat naties een brute economische klap zullen moeten incasseren.

De hysterie van de massale gelddruk zal de waarde van de fiatvaluta’s alleen maar verzwakken. Het deblokkeren van nationale valuta’s zal de enige manier zijn om te ontsnappen aan het steeds groter wordende schuldenprobleem. Safe-haven activa zoals goud en Bitcoin zullen in zo’n chaotische omgeving als geschikte financiële alternatieven tevoorschijn komen.

Bitcoin-prijs beweegt omhoog ondersteund door het macrobeeld

Ondanks het feit dat de Bitcoin-prijs met 12.000 dollar stijf in de weer is, gaat deze langzaam omhoog. De verkoopdruk is duidelijk zichtbaar in de uurtabellen, wat resulteert in mini-sell-loffs en het maken van winst. Het macrobeeld ziet er echter positief uit en Bitcoin zal zeker uit zijn smalle handelsrange breken.

Het gevoerde beleid heeft alleen maar meer gewicht gegeven aan de positieve Bitcoin-fundamentals. De Federal Reserve raakt snel uitgeput van opties om de jonge economie en een bruisende aandelenmarkt te ondersteunen. Het nastreven van een onrealistisch inflatiedoel met ultralage rentetarieven zal de problemen van de Fed op de lange termijn alleen maar vergroten.

De conventionele wijsheid schrijft voor dat safe-haven activa zoals goud en Bitcoin alleen sterker naar voren zullen komen te midden van een onzeker economisch scenario met een lage rente.

5 cose folli che si possono comprare con Bitcoins nel 2020

Non c’è niente che Bitcoin non possa comprare. Per questo è necessaria la corretta implementazione. La Bitcoin è presente sul mercato da un bel po‘ di tempo. Nei suoi primi anni, nessuno credeva che il bitcoin avrebbe avuto questo successo. Le persone che hanno investito denaro nel Bitcoin nei suoi primi anni sono per lo più milionari.

Dopo non aver fatto una buona impressione fin dall’inizio, la bitcoin ha radunato le industrie in diversi settori. Questo rally ha reso la crittovaluta quello che è ora.

Guardando al primo acquisto fatto da 10.000 bitcoin per comprare due pizze di grandi dimensioni del valore di 30 dollari, siamo certamente arrivati lontano.

Allora, qual è la valutazione di mercato di un Bitcoin oggi? Cosa possiamo comprare con i Bitcoin? Diamo un’occhiata.

Cose che si possono comprare con i Bitcoin

Il prezzo del bitcoin è altamente volatile e continua a cambiare ogni secondo. Di conseguenza, diventa molto difficile trovare ciò che si può comprare con l’aiuto di 1 Bitcoin. In questa sezione, esaminerò alcune delle cose che potrei fare con un solo bitcoin.

1. Oro

Dopo la diffusione di COVID 19, l’economia del mondo ha preso una bella batosta. Negli ultimi due mesi, l’economia del mondo ha subito un forte calo. Anche il prezzo del bitcoin ha raggiunto il suo prezzo più basso dell’anno a 3500 dollari.

Tuttavia, l’autorità ha preso alcune misure rigorose per controllare il COVID 19, e il governo ha permesso alle imprese di funzionare. Ha iniziato a dare impulso all’economia.

La valutazione del prezzo del bitcoin ha superato la soglia di 11000 dollari. Se oggi voglio comprare oro con un solo Bitcoin, allora posso facilmente permettermi di comprare 6,5 once e mezzo di oro con 1 Bitcoin.

2. Ethereum

E se volete convertire il vostro unico bitcoin in altre crittografie? Quanti gettoni crittografici diversi si possono ottenere con un solo bitcoin? Scopriamolo.

Ci sono più di 2000 valute crittografiche nel mondo. Tra queste, la moneta bitcoin è la più popolare e ha la valutazione di prezzo più alta. Tuttavia, ci sono anche altre valute crittografiche che sono considerate l’alternativa del bitcoin.

Per esempio, ci sono l’Etereum, l’ondulazione, le monete lite, ecc. Dove un Bitcoin equivale a 42,2 ETH, 30132,8 XRP, 206,6 LTC, rispettivamente.

3. Il volo più costoso

Viaggiare all’estero può essere piuttosto costoso, soprattutto se si prendono alcune delle compagnie aeree più lussuose. Oggi, la valutazione esatta del prezzo di un singolo Bitcoin è di 11697,8 dollari. Ciò significa che non posso prendere il volo più costoso di oggi (Los Angeles per Dubai, Emirates Airline). Tuttavia, posso fare un volo economico ma lussuoso da New York a Singapore attraverso le compagnie aeree di Singapore. Il prezzo attuale del biglietto aereo è di circa 14000 dollari.

4. Apple iPhone 11 pro

L’emozione di acquistare un Apple iPhone 11 pro è una sensazione diversa. Ma questa sensazione può passare al livello successivo con la vendita in corso su Amazon. Sì, avete sentito bene, oggi c’è una vendita su Amazon dove è possibile ottenere un’offerta entusiasmante su alcuni degli iPhone.

Il prezzo attuale di un iPhone 11 Pro è di 999 dollari. Ciò significa che è possibile acquistare undici iPhone 11 Pro da un singolo Bitcoin. Non è incredibile?

5. Hamburger

Il Bitcoin ha fatto molta strada da quando è stato usato per fare un primo acquisto ufficiale di due pizze grandi con 10000 Bitcoin (30 dollari). Cavolo, è davvero troppo. Se avessi tenuto quei 10000 Bitcoin, sarei stato milionario (117 milioni di dollari) in questo momento.

Ma se volessi comprare un hamburger king size MacDonald, quanti ne potrei comprare oggi? Attualmente, il prezzo di un king size burger è di 5,29 dollari. Se volessi comprare 1 Bitcoin del valore di un hamburger king size, il numero totale di hamburger che avrei in questo momento sarebbe di 2211 hamburger. Sono davvero troppi.


La regolazione delle crittocittà è diventata più fluida rispetto a quella dei primi tempi. Ci sono ancora alcuni difetti nella regolazione della criptovaluta, e ancora oggi non si può comprare tutto. Tuttavia, con il tempo, sarà sicuramente in grado di comprare tutto quello che vedete intorno a voi.