Italy: Airport employee abuses computer systems for ETH mining

An Italian airport employee used his employer’s computer systems to secretly mine cryptocurrencies. An Italian airport employee is said to have misused the computer systems at his workplace to mine the cryptocurrency Ethereum ( ETH ) According to a report by the Italian news channel Rai News , the man who works at the airport … Weiterlesen

PayPal no longer serves domain registrar Epik because of „alternative currency“

The domain registrar Epik claims that this step is politically motivated and should take the platform away from the conservative voice. According to an article on Mashable, PayPal no longer serves the domain registrar Epik because there is a risk that the company will do money laundering via its „alternative currency“ Masterbucks In a series … Weiterlesen

Ethereum-DeFi: The Top 5 Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

Recently, more and more decentralized exchange (DEX) tokens have come onto the market. But what are currently the largest DEX tokens? The five largest decentralized exchange tokens are examined below. In addition, the popularity of decentralized exchanges has increased dramatically in the last few months. Uniswap even overtook Coinbase in September, recording a trading volume … Weiterlesen

Classic currencies soon to be outdated? This crazy financier predicts the Bitcoin standard

Bitcoin, THE reference? – Until recently in the history of mankind, almost all of the world’s currencies were backed by the millennial stability of gold. Since August 15, 1971, currencies have been wandering in a fluctuating uncertainty, the floating exchange rate regime. But perhaps a new monetary standard is about to be born from the … Weiterlesen