$126M Hack Halts Multichain Protocol: What Users Need to Know

• Multichain’s protocol has come to an abrupt halt after $126 million was stolen in a cross-chain exploit.
• The Fantom Foundation is now evaluating the situation and users of the protocol have been urged to revoke all approvals associated with it.
• Users should take necessary precautions to safeguard their funds and stay updated on developments related to the exploit.

Overview of Exploit

Multichain’s (MULTI) cross-chain protocol has been halted after detecting abnormal fund movements from its MPC address. The exploit, reported by blockchain security firm Peckshield, amounted to a staggering $126 million, resulting in a significant decline in the value of its MULTI token. This breach has raised concerns about the security of Multichain and prompted users to question their safety in decentralized finance.

Who Does this Affect?

The hack affects users of Multichain’s protocol. Multichain has advised its users to revoke all approvals associated with the protocol while Fantom Foundation is evaluating the circumstances and will provide updates as they become available.

What Should I Do?

If you are a user of Multichain, it is crucial to follow the advice provided by the protocol and revoke all approvals related to it. Stay updated on the developments shared by Fantom Foundation regarding the incident, take necessary precautions to safeguard your funds and consider this exploit’s impact on your holdings and investments.

Preventative Measures

Users can prevent becoming vulnerable targets for exploits like these by protecting their private keys at all times through strong passwords or hardware wallets, avoiding using any suspicious services or applications that could potentially be malicious, and researching before investing into any cryptocurrency projects or protocols. It is also important for users to remain vigilant when dealing with cryptocurrencies at all times since malicious actors may try different schemes and methods in order to steal people’s money or personal information through scams or phishing attacks.


This hack should serve as an important reminder that when working with cryptocurrencies you need be aware of potential risks associated with them such as hacks or other malicious activities that can result in financial losses if not properly protected against them.