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About the Program

caulking-window.jpgThe Weatherization Program is committed to reducing the energy burdens for the customers of Minneapolis while ensuring the health and safety of their home environment.

The Community Action of Minneapolis Weatherization Department provides services and solutions for priority one customers, high utility bill customers and poor energy efficient housing on a yearly basis. Without these services, many of our people would see their wages be absorbed in these hidden costs that would severely impact their quality of life. We provide resource services and education to bridge the gap from despair to confidence.

In 1993, Community Action of Minneapolis added the Weatherization program. Since that time we have serviced over 9,000 households. Since January of 2000, Community Action of Minneapolis has leverage the Federal Weatherization Department of Energy (DOE) with Centerpoint Low Income Utility funds. By having both funds available, Community Action of Minneapolis routinely provides full weatherization services for our customers in providing comprehensive diagnostics of the mechanical units (furnaces and boilers) as well as providing an increase in insulation values to the homes.

We have been one of the leaders in promoting statewide technical standards. We assisted in producing the Weatherization Field Guide for all weatherization staff, crews, and contractors. In addition, we assisted in the development of mechanical protocols and were the principal driving force in providing mechanical training for the field staff for other agencies state-wide in Minnesota.

The Weatherization team's main goal is to reduce our customer's home heating costs and improve their homes comfort and safety. Our services are provided year round. We anticipate the costs of natural gas impacting our savings and will look for ways to provide the latest state of the art solutions to the problems we encounter.

Weatherization Facts

  • Weatherization measures help low-income families conserve energy, save money, improve living conditions, and even save lives.
  • Weatherization reduces average annual energy costs by $218 per household.
  • Weatherization is available in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and among Native American Tribes.
  • Combined savings for energy and non-energy benefits in 2008 show Weatherization returns at $2.72 for every $1 invested.

Program Details

May I apply if I am a renter?

Yes, renter can apply. Please call 612-335-5911 for further details.

How often may I receive a weatherization grant?

The weatherization is a one-time grant to your address. So, if you move to a different address, we can weatherize it if it has not been weatherized before.

Do I have to pay back money for the work I receive?

No, the weatherization you receive is a grant. No living arrangements, no lien waivers and no payment will be issued.

How can I qualify?

To qualify, you must be eligible under federal income guidelines and apply through energy assistance. The Energy Assistance Program can be reached at 612-335-5837.

2013-2014 Energy Assistance Income Guidelines (see Energy Services webpage)

2013-2014 Weatherization Guidelines

Persons in Family 3 Month Guideline 12 Month Guideline 
1 $5,745 $22,980
2 $7,755 $31,020
3 $9,765 $39,060
4 $11,775 $47,100
5 $13,785 $55,140
6 $15,795 $63,180
7 $17,805 $71,220
8 $19,815 $79,260

For each additional member, add $8,040 to the annual income and $2,010 to the three-month figures.

If you are at or below your designated income, you are automatically eligible to receive weatherization.

For more information contact:

Community Action of Minneapolis                                                    
2104 Park Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55407

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