Energy Services Programs

Assurance 16 Program

  • Civic Engagement and Community Leadership 

The Civic Engagement and Community Leadership Program is dedicated to providing community members with opportunities and resources for community engagement.  The program provides several community outreach initiatives which include: the Community Leaders Round Table, Energy Clinics and Voter Registration. Call 612.767.1734 for more information.

This program is targeted to households in crisis. We provide customers with budget counseling, advocacy, referrals to other agencies and programs, vendor negotiations and increased outreach.

  • STEAP (Steps Towards Affordable Energy Payments 

STAEP is a program that is designed for Community Action of Minneapolis customers who have an outstanding balance owed to the energy companies, are dedicated to lower their energy debt burden, as well as reducing their carbon footprint. 

Benefits of STAEP: 

· Community Action of Minneapolis works directly with Xcel Energy and Centerpoint to reduce customer’s energy debts, and for forgiveness of late fees.

· Once enrolled in the program, customer’s gas and/or electricity will NOT be turned off as long as you are active with the program and making payments.

· Customers will receive educational tools that will help them be more aware of energy conservation through six different workshops. They will also learn the value of lifestyle changes that can help reduce monthly consumption.

· Customers will also receive financial management skills, as well as become more aware of other programs and services offered by Community Action of Minneapolis.

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Energy Related Repair Program (ERR)

This program assists income eligible homeowners with repairs or replacements of their furnace, boiler, and other direct heating components necessary to keep the home's primary heating source functional.

Internal Referrals we provide customers with referrals to other programs within our agency such as; Weatherization, Conservation Improvement Program, Home Energy Savings Program, and Children & Family Development Divison.