Board of Directors & Sector Representation

Low-Income Sector

Cheryl Jones
Evelyn A. LaRue, Secretary
Molly Thoulouis
Towanna Williams
Briana MacPhee

Public Sector

Robert Lilligren, Treasurer (Nimco Ahmed, Alternate)
Fay Harrison, Vice Chair
Jeff Hayden (Terri Hayden, Alternate)
Barbara Johnson (Sandra Presley-Patterson, Alternate)

Private Sector

D. Michael Anderson, Chair
Cheryl Bergman
Manuel Rubio


Volunteers are needed to serve on the Community Action of Minneapolis Board of Directors in each of the sectors listed below. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact Libby Kurth at (612) 348-8858 for an application or for more information.


Each low-income sector representative must be either someone who meets our income guidelines or represent an organization that serves the low-income community or both.


Each private sector representative must be from one of the following categories: labor organizations, financial institutions, private social service agencies, business organizations, industrial organizations, private foundations, educational institutions, religious institutions and welfare organizations. No more than one (1) representative can be appointed from any one of the categories identified above. Private sector representatives shall be appointed from both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.


Each public sector representative must be a public official or someone asked to represent a public official and approved by the Board.